DropCatching.co.uk is a complete Nominet drop catching solution.

We provide everything you need to begin catching expired domain names. Full control from a simple to use web interface. Mobile friendly. No coding required.

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Feature Highlights

Below are just some of the included features to give you complete control of your chasing quota, caught domains and notifications.

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Chasing Queue

Define your chasing queue and priorities, allowing to cycle through domains, or chase in priority order until each domain has dropped. Additionally, specify DAC request rates for individual domains.

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Quota Management

Set a default schedule, and configure additional schedules for an exact date or specific weekdays. Full reporting on what quota you've used and when.

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View the queries being sent in real time, so you can see exactly how your quota is being utilised.
Drill down in to historic usage and download full logs from the last 7 days.

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See the outcome of all EPP requests, including the server response code and transaction ID. If EPP reports an issue with your Nominet account, we'll alert you of this immediately.

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Automated Processing

Add your domain names and they'll be entered in to the correct drop day automatically and checked frequently for renewal and pre-drop deletion. Any domains that fail to drop will continue to be chased regularly.

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Define Rules

Configure a ruleset depending on the outcome of the drop. Rules include adding name servers to caught domains, performing a tag change, sending webhooks to endpoints, and send an SMS with the outcome.

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Manage Domains

A comprehensive set of tools to create, delete, renew, transfer and modify domains on your tag, enabling you to quickly make changes to a domain without logging in to Nominet's Web Domain Manager.

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View insights in to your chasing history, quota usage and out of sequence drops. On failure, determine which tags are catching domains you chase, and be notified of those instant tag changes.

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Private Server

Your account will use a server and IP address provisioned specifically for you. It won't be shared with anyone else.

Price Plans

We offer three types of plan, pay as you catch, pay monthly, and a hybrid of both.

Pay as you catch: a fixed price for every domain caught, prepaid.
Pay monthly: catch an unlimited number of domains for a fixed monthly price.
Hybrid: A small monthly fee, with a lower per catch fee.

Pay as you catch

FROM £10

per caught domain
  • No monthly fees*

  • Prices from £10 per caught domain

  • Prepayment required



per caught domain,
plus £50 per month
  • £50 monthly fee

  • Pay £7.50 per caught domain

  • Invoiced monthly

Pay monthly


per month
  • £150 monthly fee

  • No fees for caught domains

  • Invoiced monthly

* Our pay as you catch plan is subject to a minimum of 10 days chasing per month.
If you fail to catch a single domain, there are no fees to pay.
If you chase for less than 10 days in your billing cycle, a £25 fee is payable.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed here, contact us.


What do I need to get started?

You need to be a Nominet tag holder, and be signed up to the domain availability checker (DAC) service. You must also have at least one domain name registered on your tag.


How long will my account set up take?

After accepting your application, set up takes a few hours and is usually completed same day, however please allow up to 24 hours.


What domain names has your code caught recently?

For privacy, we don't advertise domain names caught using our system, but we're happy to share statistics with you. Please get in touch.


Do you offer a list of domain names I can chase?

No. We provide the platform and tools to use. If you are looking for drop lists, head over to dropped.uk/droplists.


Do you offer a catching solution for any other TLDs?

No. You can only catch UK domains (.co.uk, .uk, .org.uk, .me.uk) using our system.


Do you offer a free trial?

Due to costs associated with setting up your account, we do not offer a trial, however you can request access to a demo account if you would like to explore the software before committing.


Are you ready for the new domain expiry process Nominet are introducing in September?

Absolutely. Work has already begun to integrate this new process in to dropcatching.co.uk and it will be ready before the production release on 13th September 2022.


Will my DAC quota be shared or pooled with other users?

Absolutely not. Each user has their own server, dedicated to their account. It cannot be accessed by any other user. You choose what to chase and when. We log all quota usage in real time. These logs can be viewed and downloaded at any time from your control panel, and from any day in the last 7 days.


When do you charge my card?

The day of the month you create your account will become your billing day and all invoices will be generated on this day each month. If you create your account after 28th of the month, your billing day will be 28th each month. Your card is charged 24 hours after your invoice is generated.


How do I pay for the per catch fees?

An invoice will automatically be generated on your billing day each month. You can make a manual payment within 24 hours, otherwise your stored card will automatically be charged 24 hours after an invoice has been generated.

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